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Book A Consultation 

         Request a complimentary 20 minute consultation below. The consultation allows you to ask any questions about the process of therapy, evaluate the therapeutic approach, and determine if there is a good fit between you and the therapist. It also enables the therapist to assess whether the treatment approach provides you with the level of guidance needed to address your concerns, and to make the appropriate recommendations or referrals if not.

         Beyond the initial consult, ongoing online therapy or mindfulness coaching is now available. With telehealth typically being reimbursable by insurance these days, it's a great option for those with tight schedules or who simply want to meet from the comfort & privacy of their homes without trekking into town... Hello, Pajama Bottoms! 

        *If you do not see an open appointment on the online calendar, please return to the submission form on the Ask A Question page to inquire about additional availability.

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