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The psychotherapy I offer combines the benefits of standardized and well-tested treatments with the joint, present-moment attunement needed to explore & release these psychological holding patterns -- without dwelling on them or pretending they don't exist.

By connecting you with helpful tools to access your own deep self-awareness, my aim is to empower you both to see the changes you need to make, and to find the answers you already have. The road to long-lasting fulfillment is closer than we think.


Is this for me?

- Has some major life change    

- Do you have an intuition that being more present and grounded within yourself would be of benefit to not just you, but those around you?

- Have you tried therapy before and not felt particularly helped? Have you been in therapy previously and found it 

- Have you benefitted from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs and found it difficult to continue cultivating mindfulness in your daily life?


- Have you come across meditation through yoga or other contemplative practices and want to deepen your understanding?

- Are you a dedicated practitioner whose inner work & contemplative journey may be stalled due to a need for deeper psychological work? 

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